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Dr. Jason McDowell

Dr. Jason McDowell
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250 N. Central Ave,Suite 202, Wayzata, MN 55391

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Dr. Jason McDowell is a cutting edge cosmetic dentist who earned his D.D. S. From the University of Minnesota. Currently practicing at the Wayzata Dental & Smile Spa, Dr. McDowell has been practicing dentistry since 2002. Currently , Dr. Mc ...
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Known as the “City of Lakes,” Minneapolis, Minnesota features more than 20 lakes and wetlands, as well as the Mississippi River and other creeks and waterfalls, attracting tourists year round. Along with its “twin city” St. Paul, the Minneapolis metropolitan area is home to roughly 3.5 million residents. Aside from its beautiful landscape, the city features a thriving theater and nightlife scene, a variety of local landmarks and of course, the largest mall in the country.

The Mall of America, which is just a short drive away in the suburb of Bloomington, features 2.5 million square feet of retail space, and also includes the Nickelodeon Universe theme park, Underwater Adventures Aquarium and other notable attractions.

But if you're rather take in the natural sites, head to Minnehaha Falls, a 53-foot natural urban waterfall. Located in Minnehaha Park, the area also includes trails, sculptures, picnic areas and more. Other nearby waterfalls include St. Anthony's Falls, Hidden Falls and Willow Falls. Or you can take a stroll through the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, featuring a variety of natural plant life.

There's also no shortage of arts and entertainment in Minneapolis. In fact, the region is second to New York City in live theater per capita. Some notable companies and venues include Mu Performing Arts, Bedlam Theatre, the Brave New Workshop, Minnesota Dance Theatre, Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts and more. And don't leave the city without a trip to the Midtown Global Market, featuring fresh and prepared foods from more than 50 independent, locally owned businesses, all housed in a historic building. Lastly, make a stop at the Mary Tyler Moore Statue on Nicollet Mall, where the opening segment of the actress' legendary show was filmed.

Although these wonderful attractions are key to the charm and vitality of Minneapolis, there are other aspects of the area that are just as impressive. The healthcare community, for example, is top notch and features various medical specialties, among them Minneapolis cosmetic dentistry. If you are seeking Minneapolis orthodontics, Minneapolis dentures or a Minneapolis dental implant, then you can find a Minneapolis cosmetic dentist who is more than qualified to perform the procedure you want.

In fact, there are plenty of cosmetic dentistry options available in Minneapolis. Some of the most popular procedures include Minneapolis Invisalign®, Minneapolis tooth whitening and Minneapolis veneers.

Why is Minneapolis cosmetic dentistry in such demand? Look no further than the smile on your face. It is typically your most prominent facial feature and is often the first physical trait that other people notice. For individuals who are dissatisfied with their teeth, smiling isn't always easy, which can affect their self-esteem. Minneapolis cosmetic dentistry can help boost that confidence by improving teeth that are:

•    Dull and discolored
•    Crooked
•    Cracked or broken
•    Missing

These types of problems can generally be solved with Minneapolis dental implants, Minneapolis teeth braces, Minneapolis porcelain veneers and Minneapolis laser teeth whitening.

Of course, the services of Minneapolis cosmetic dentists are not only limited to elective work. There are times when a patient undergoes a procedure, such as Minneapolis root canal or Minneapolis dental bridge, because it is medically necessary.

Whether you are choosing the procedure or require it, provides the information you need to confidently proceed with your Minneapolis cosmetic dentistry plans.  We lay out all the details so you are aware of:

•    Types of Minneapolis cosmetic dentistry procedures
•    Minneapolis cosmetic dentistry before and after pictures
•    Minneapolis cosmetic dentistry prices
•    Possible risks and complications
•    Recovery times

We also take the hassle out of locating a reputable, board-certified Minneapolis cosmetic dentist who can perform the procedure you want and help determine a financing option that works for you. The list of Minneapolis cosmetic dentists on takes you one step closer to acquiring a healthier smile and a more-confident you.