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Endovenous Laser for Varicose Veins
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Endovenous laser ablation of varicose veins is an effective procedure to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, which appear is swollen, blue or dark purple veins protruding from the skin of the legs, ankles, feet, or other areas of the body. During endovenous laser treatments, which are also known as ELT or EVLT, laser energy seals off the vein, which is then absorbed by the surrounding tissues.

Length of Surgery

1 hour or less




Local anesthesia

Back to work in...


Back to the gym in...

1 week

Treatment Frequency

4 weeks


Blood clots, infection, temporary numbness


$500 per treatment

Duration of results:


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Endovenous Laser costs

Laser treatments for varicose veins can vary in price depending on the doctor's fees and the size of the varicose vein being removed. Endovenous laser treatments may be covered by insurance if the varicose vein is symptomatic, making its removal medically necessary.

Am I a candidate for endovenous laser treatments?

Endovenous laser treatments for varicose veins are an ideal noninvasive method for removing large varicose veins, particularly those without many turns and bends. Most patients use this procedure to treat the saphenous veins in the thighs. Endovenous laser treatments cannot be used to treat spider veins. Most adults with varicose veins are medically able to undergo this procedure.

What are endovenous laser treatments?

Endovenous laser treatments involve the sealing of varicose veins using targeted laser beams. The laser energy is attracted to hemoglobin in the blood. This energy seals off the targeted vein and causes it to collapse, stopping the flow of blood into the vein.

Endovenous laser steps

Endovenous laser treatments for varicose veins are performed in the doctor's office. You should wear comfortable clothing that allows the doctor access to the vein. First, the leg will be sterilized and treated with a local anesthetic. Once the area is numb, a small incision near the vein allows the insertion of a small tube through which the laser energy is directed into the varicose vein. You may feel slight pressure as the catheter is inserted into the vein. During this procedure, an ultrasound allows the doctor to watch the catheter as it is threaded through the vein.

Pulses of laser energy enter the vein through this tube, destroying the vein by causing it to collapse in on itself. Everyone in the room must wear special protective glasses while the laser beam is in use. Following the end of the laser treatment, no sutures are needed, although the small incision created to insert the catheter may be covered with a bandage.

Most varicose veins only require one treatment. If a second treatment is required to treat the vein, or if multiple varicose veins are being removed, a second treatment may be scheduled as soon as four weeks after the first appointment.

Endovenous Laser Treatment Recovery and Healing Steps

Following endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins, a compression stocking must be worn to reduce bruising and tenderness while supporting the treated area. Normal activities can be resumed immediately, with the exception of prolonged sitting, heavy lifting, and strenuous activity.

Endovenous Laser Treatment Side Effects and Procedure Risks

The laser energy targeted with such precision that surrounding tissues are unharmed. Endovenous laser ablation is a safe procedure with very few potential risks. Common side effects include bruising and tenderness which last about a week. Rarely, blood clots can form in the veins of the leg. This risk can be reduced by the wearing of compression hosiery following the procedure. Like any procedure requiring penetration of the skin, there is a risk of infection, although this risk is significantly less than one in 1,000 with endovenous laser treatment. Other rare risks include temporary numbness in the treated area or deep venous thrombosis.

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