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When it comes to city names, Little Rock is about as literal as it gets. In the late 1600s, a French landing party dubbed an outcropping of rocks — located on the south bank of the Arkansas River, above its mouth — as "La Petite Roche." Soon, small settlements began to form around the vicinity of this "little rock."

In 1803, when France sold Arkansas to the United States as part of the Louisiana Territory Purchase, Americans began slowly arriving to the area. Although the legislature chose Little Rock to become the territorial capital of Arkansas in 1821, it took awhile for the area to really grow.

At its heart, Little Rock was an ideal location for a settlement. Situated nearly in the center of the Arkansas territory, its river was generally navigable and the bluffs along the banks were a protection from flooding. Also, Little Rock was a stop on the Southwest Trail from Louisiana to Texas. The city's remote location, however, made it more difficult to attract settlers. But as an increasing number of people realized the benefits of the area, the population began to rise.

Today, Little Rock is home to more than 180,000 individuals and provides a multitude of services to its residents. Among its offerings is a selection of top-notch Little Rock plastic surgeons, with specialties such as Little Rock breast augmentation, Little Rock liposuction and Little Rock face lifts.

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