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Dalton, Georgia has a fascinating history. Woodland Indians and the Creek Nation help the area of what is now Dalton until the mid 1700s. Around this time, the Cherokee Indians pushed the Creek Nation to the west and south and called the mountains of North Georgia their “Enchanted Land” until they were forced to move in 1838.

During the Civil War, Dalton saw its first action: the Great Locomotive Chase. This occurred on April 12, 1862. About a year later, massive Union and Confederate units battled a few miles to the west.  On May 7, 1864 the battle of Rocky Face Ridge and Dug Gap began; General Jonston completed his withdrawal from Dalton on May 12th. The last campaign of the confederacy, John Bell Hood’s Nashville Campaign, attacked a Union blockhouse in Tilton before passing through Dalton to head west.
Because of it’s connection to the Civil War, Dalton has a few Civil War sites that are important. Tunnel Hill is the site where the Battle of Tunnel Hill took place; it is the site of one of the many skirmishes during the Civil war, and is also one of the oldest railroad tunnels south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Also located in Dalton, and a must see, is the Chickamauga National Military Park. It is the nation’s oldest, largest, and must visited national military park, and is also the site of the bloodiest, two day battle of the Civil War.  The battlefield is over five thousand acres, and contains numerous monuments, historical tablets, wayside exhibits, and trails.

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