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Native Americans inhabited Biloxi, Mississippi as early as 8,000 BC up to the 1700s.  Artifacts from the four major periods of Native American history have been found on Biloxi's peninsula. In 1861 Mississippi ceded from the United States and the Civil War had begun.  Biloxi Rifles were part of the 3rd Mississippi Infantry CSA, which was made up of Mississippi Gulf Coast Natives. On December 31, 1861 Biloxi surrendered to Union Naval Forces who were operating from Ship Island. In 1908 the first Mardi Gras Parade took place in Biloxi with John Carraway as King and Miss Blanche Picard as Queen.  In 1927 Biloxi hotels included the Edgewater Gulf Hotel, White House Hotel, Tivoli Hotel, Buena Vista Biloxi Hotel, Kennedy Hotel, Park Hotel, Avelez Hotel, and Rivera Hotel. Also, in 1927 the seawall was constructed to protect the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 1929 the first Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet took place in Biloxi.  

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