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Carrollton's early settlers arrived in the 1840s. These early settlers purchased land from The Peters Colony. These hardy pioneers were rugged individuals with incredible courage to risk it all for their dream of a better life and an even better life for future generations. These people had the determination to withstand the hardships of their treacherous journeys to this untamed frontier - a foreign and wild country. These several hundred industrious families shared a dream of prosperity. They planted crops, raised cattle and sheep, and built homes and churches. Today, Carrollton is a thriving little town full of wonder and excitement. With a wonderful shopping and dining selection downtown and a beautiful nature preserve with trails for your enjoyment, there is something for everyone.

The Bramblitt Family purchased the Elm Fork Nature Preserve as a woodright in 1861. The land was never clear-cut and in 1986 the 40 acres were given to the City of Carrollton as a self-contained ecosystem, virtually undisturbed. The preserve offers an Interpretive Center with a nature education library, which is open for scheduled classes and hikes. Trails are open for hikes 365 days a year from dawn to dusk. Commonly seen animals and tracks at the Preserve are raccoons, fox squirrels, opossums, beavers, nine-banded armadillos, eastern cottontails and striped skunks. Frequently seen birds in the area are great blue herons, snowy egrets, white-throated sparrows, red-tailed hawks, great horned owls, screech owls, woodpeckers, cardinals and much more.

Carrollton not only offers beautiful scenery and relaxing times, it is also home to a wide variety of board certified, skilled Carrollton plastic surgeons. Carrollton offers the perfect location if you are considering Carrollton tummy tucks, Carrollton breast augmentation or Carrollton rhinoplasty.

Carrollton is bustling with things to do. Gaze at the cityscape from the incredible Sears Tower Skydeck or keep your feet on the ground and enjoy one of the shows on the Navy Pier, then take a sightseeing boat trip along the lakefront. Beautiful hotels and great restaurants make Carrollton the perfect location for a few days away.

Carrollton face lifts, Carrollton breast implants, Carrollton rhinoplasty or Carrollton liposuction - Carrollton plastic surgeons are able to offer superior plastic surgery, state-of-the-art operating rooms and fully-equipped recovery suites at their offices.

If you are thinking about undergoing Carrollton plastic surgery, you will need to find out all you can about which plastic surgery procedures will have the best results for you and how to find the best Carrollton plastic surgeons. Perhaps you want to find out more about Carrollton breast enlargement, Carrollton breast lifts, Carrollton breast reconstruction or Carrollton breast reduction. If you opt to have Carrollton plastic surgery, you'll need to know all you can about the steps you can take to realise your ultimate aesthetic goals.

It can take a great deal of your own valuable time to find the right Carrollton plastic surgeon for you. You will need to find a board certified Carrollton plastic surgeon that matches your personal needs, and who has a great deal of experience with performing the particular Carrollton plastic surgery procedure (or procedures) that you want.

Carrollton plastic surgeons can help you to achieve the physical appearance that you want, whether it’s a firmer body contour after a Carrollton tummy tuck, or an improved profile from a Carrollton rhinoplasty operation. Making the decision to undergo Carrollton plastic surgery is a major one, and a very personal one.

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