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Corona, California was first founded in the 1880s, at a time when the state’s citrus boom was in full swing. The town’s location near the Santa Ana River made it ideal for growing citrus fruit. In fact, Corona was once known as the lemon capital of the world, producing more than 1,100 rail cars of this fruit each year. To celebrate, Corona held an annual lemon festival until 1948, when the city began to lag behind other areas in lemon production. The proud tradition was reinstated in 1999, and the newly revived lemon festival has drawn visitors from around the region just as it did in its humble beginnings.

Today, Corona boasts a large industrial base that includes employers such as Fender Musical Instruments, Watson Pharmaceuticals and Hansen Natural Corporation. The town also boasts a thriving economy in the service industry and has seen tremendous development in the way of new shopping centers and restaurants over the past few years.

Corona is also an excellent place to visit.  The Corona Heritage Park and Museum is a great place to go to learn about the city’s history and its involvement in mining and agriculture. Tom’s Farm is an ideal attraction for families, since there are games, fresh produce and children’s rides to enjoy. Fender Guitars also opens its doors to the public, displaying some of their most unique works for music lovers of all ages.

This welcoming California city is also an ideal destination for patients in need of a skin rejuvenation specialist.  Lying some 48 miles south of Los Angeles, visitors can escape the gridlock of this metropolis by coming to Corona instead. Conveniently located and easy to navigate, Corona is an easy destination for people from near or far.

There are also plenty of skilled Corona skin rejuvenation specialists who provide each person with the personalized attention they deserve. Caring for your skin is an important concern, so you don’t want to trust your skin to just anyone. Visit a Corona skin rejuvenation specialist today, and relax knowing that your skin care needs are being attended to by a top-notch professional who cares as much about your skin health as you do.