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Dr. Kelly Cobbs Bio Kelly Cobb MD is a board certified internal medicine physician raised here in Lafayette. Since her graduation from STM in 1988, she has pursued a career in medicine driven by her interest in the complexities that influence mi ...
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Sprawling on the banks of the Vermilion River, Lafayette, Louisiana is the seat of Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.  Lafayette, Louisiana is the fourth largest municipality in the state. It should not be mixed up with a city of the same name in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, which was absorbed into New Orleans.

Lafayette, Louisiana was founded as Vermilionville in 1821. In 1884, it was named after General Lafayette, a French military figure who fought with the American Army during the American Revolutionary War and provided significant aid to the cause. Until the end of the 1940s, Lafayette, Louisiana’s economy was principally based on farming.  After that the oil and natural gas trade became the leading source of income.

Lafayette, Louisiana is the heart of the Cajun culture in Louisiana. Given the Cajun and Creole populations in the surrounding areas, the city has a solid tourism industry.  The gastronomy of the area, Cajun cuisine, is one of the most famed regional cuisines in the US, regaled by citizens and visitors alike.

These are some of the exciting facts about Lafayette, Louisiana. Did you know that this area is also home to a growing number of Lafayette, Louisiana skin treatments? Our people have enthusiastically welcomed Lafayette, Louisiana skin resurfacing and Lafayette, Louisiana acne laser treatments. There are many reasons why they opted for Lafayette, Louisiana skin rejuvenation:

•    reduce wrinkles
•    improve skin tone
•    improve skin color
•    remove blotches
•    treat sun spots
•    tighten loosen skin
•    eliminate damaged blood vessels

No matter what your reasons are for considering a Lafayette, Louisiana skin treatment, they all are well-founded.  What is important is that you will be able to find a renovation procedure that is right for you.  If you want to fight those wrinkles, for example, this can be accomplished in a number of ways. Depending on the results of your consultation with your provider, they may include fillers like Lafayette, Louisiana Botox®, Lafayette, Louisiana Restylane®, Lafayette, Louisiana Juvederm® and Lafayette, Louisiana Radiesse®. Other anti-wrinkle procedures include Lafayette, Louisiana microdermabrasion and Lafayette, Louisiana skin tightening.

At Lafayette, Louisiana skin rejuvenation we try to use non-invasive and relatively low discomfort procedures by using lasers in many of our treatments such as Lafayette, Louisiana laser hair removal, Lafayette, Louisiana laser resurfacing, Lafayette, Louisiana laser tattoo removal and Lafayette, Louisiana laser skin tightening.

Our site, offers you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision about your Lafayette, Louisiana skin rejuvenation. We have done all the legwork for you.  Our experts have carefully researched the various procedures available.  The more positive you are about your choice, the more apt you are to have a great Lafayette, Louisiana skin treatment experience.  We provide accurate information about Lafayette, Louisiana skin treatment costs, financing options for your procedure as well as a series of Lafayette, Louisiana skin treatment before and after pictures. We also offer detailed data on procedures such as:

•    Lafayette, Louisiana scar treatment
•    Lafayette, Louisiana mesotherapy
•    Lafayette, Louisiana cellulite treatment
•    Lafayette, Louisiana vein treatment

When choosing a Lafayette, Louisiana skin treatment -- whether Lafayette, Louisiana tattoo removal or a procedure that targets Lafayette, Louisiana spider veins -- you want to choose a highly trained and experienced professional. That’s where can really make the huge difference. The well-researched Lafayette, Louisiana skin rejuvenation experts’ listings on our website make it much easier for you to select a care giver who will address your concerns and has the know-how to make your goals become a reality.