Skin Rejuvenation Clinics in North Carolina

With a population of around 751,000, Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. Its founding dates to 1755, when European settlers began inhabiting the area that is now uptown Charlotte.   One of the main settlers built his home near the intersection of two Native American trading paths, thereby spurring growth that resulted in “Charlotte Town” being incorporated in 1768. It wasn’t long before development plans were underway, with streets being laid out in a grid pattern from the town center.  The area where the two trading paths intersected soon became known as “Trade and Tryon” or Independence Square.

Independence was a major concern of early settlers, as they met to sign the Mecklenburg Resolves in 1775. This resolution was enacted shortly after the battle of Lexington and Concord, and declared, “All laws…derived from the authority of the King or Parliament are annulled and vacated.” Although it stopped short of declaring independence from Great Britain, it is nonetheless thought to be a precursor to the Declaration of Independence.

Modern day Charlotte is a major financial hub, with banking institutions such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo both having headquarters here. Four out of the top ten defense contractors also call Charlotte their home. Charlotte is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and a motor speedway, both of which draw thousands of visitors each year. Tourists also flock to the Queen City to visit such attractions as the Billy Graham Library, Levine Museum of the new South and the Mint Museum.

Not only is Charlotte an exciting place to work or visit, but it can be an excellent choice for anyone looking for Charlotte dermatology care. There are dozens of skilled doctors who specialize in medical and cosmetic dermatology alike. These physicians are focused on providing the best possible care for their patients whether they are from the Charlotte area or beyond.

Whenever you’re ready to find expert Charlotte dermatology care, consider one of the many expert physicians who practice in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Allow one of them to assist you with your skin care needs, and you’ll find that you not only look better than ever, but have a glowing confidence that can only happen because you feel better as well.