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Dr. Christopher H. LaVergne

Dr. Christopher H. LaVergne
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17350 St. Lukes Way, The Woodlands, TX 77384
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Christopher H. LaVergne, M.D., F.A.C.C. was born in Houston, Texas. He attended the University of Texas Medical School at Houston following his graduation from Baylor University. He continued with his internship and residency in internal medicine ...
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Just north of Houston, Texas lies The Woodlands – a master-planned community that is home to countless singles and adults looking for an increased quality of living. In this diverse community, there are countless activities for residents and visitors. Golf is an extremely popular form of recreation due to the gorgeous courses within The Woodlands. There are also various recreation centers where men and women can enjoy gyms, pools and other activities.

The Woodlands is also a great shopping destination for those who enjoy walking through the streets looking for the perfect, little shop. A wide variety of restaurants are also available to all the foodies or people who simply seek a delicious meal. Regardless of why you are visiting The Woodlands, every destination within the community is of the highest quality and guarantees a fabulous time.

In recent years, The Woodlands has also become a great resource for people seeking skin rejuvenation treatments. Skin rejuvenation experts located in this community are skilled doctors in revitalizing skin. There are many different methods available to erase signs of aging, sun damage, and genetics, and The Woodland’s doctors are trained in helping you choose the right treatment for your skin, lifestyle and to meet your cosmetic goal.

There is an array of choices within skin rejuvenation treatments, and some of these are as follows:

•    The Woodlands Chemical Peels
•    The Woodlands Microdermabrasion
•    The Woodlands Botox
•    The Woodlands Laser Technology

As stated last on the list, laser technology has advanced incredibly in recent years. Many men and women choose laser hair removal to remove unsightly hairs permanently so that they no longer have to worry about waxing, shaving or tweezing. However, laser technology has also come so far that it can resurface the skin to create a more even, youthful appearance.

For men and women seeking to rejuvenate their skin in The Woodlands, dermal fillers are also an option. These injectables smooth out skin, erasing the signs of aging, and add volume to your face. The Woodlands dermal fillers patients love how fresh their skin appears after The Woodlands Botox, The Woodlands Dysport and The Woodlands Radiesse injections. Contact a doctor in The Woodlands area to help you choose the right dermal filler for your skin.

Skin rejuvenation has many options, and it is important that you are aware of all of these before undergoing any treatments. These are some questions to consider asking your skin rejuvenation expert:

•    What is the right skin rejuvenation treatment for me?
•    What are the possible side effects of my skin rejuvenation treatment?
•    How much do skin rejuvenation treatments cost in The Woodlands?
•    Is financing available for my skin rejuvenation treatment in The Woodlands? has the goal of providing you with a list of certified and experienced doctors in The Woodlands. This is to ensure that you are with a trusted professional who is able to meet all of your skin rejuvenation needs. However, spend some time to get to know your skin rejuvenation expert and make sure that you are comfortable with them. This will help lead to a safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatment in The Woodlands, Texas.